Division of Social Sciences & History

Division of Social Sciences and History

The Division of Social Sciences and History provides intellectual, cultural, and professional development through small classes and a liberal arts setting. Many of our students go on to graduate or professional study or to teach in one of the subfields of the social sciences.

Students within the division major in community development, geography, history, political science, social justice and criminology, and social sciences. Minor fields of study offered in the division include paralegal studies, pre-law, and sociology. The division also serves to introduce those majoring in other academic areas to the various areas of social science.

There are three primary degree routes within the division: the Bachelor of Science in Social Science Education degree prepares students for a career teaching the social sciences; the Bachelor of Arts degree in History provides a strong liberal arts foundation and prepares students for careers in law, politics, education, public history, and journalism; and the Bachelor of Science degree program offers majors in Criminal Justice and Criminology.

The Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences is available with concentrations in a number of Social Science fields, including Applied Development Studies, Geography, Sociology, and Global Studies. Minor fields of study offered in the Division are Criminal Justice and Criminology, Geography, History, Paralegal Studies, Pre-law, and Sociology.

Each of these degrees is designed to provide a well-rounded liberal arts education. Small program and class sizes, as well as dedicated and active professors, mean that all students get the individualized instruction they need. The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology degree is for students who are interested in the professions of law enforcement, corrections, or juvenile justice, and is available with a major in social sciences and concentrations in applied development studies, geography, and sociology. These degrees are particularly recommended for students contemplating graduate work in one of the social science fields or law.

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